Welcome to Not Just Seattle! My name is Carl Setzer, and I've spent the vast majority of my life around Seattle. Mostly I've lived in Lynnwood, but also throughout the greater Pacific Northwest including downtown Seattle (First and Capitol Hills), Edmonds, Silverdale, Burien, Seatac, Bothell, Astoria, Oregon, and Idaho Falls. With parents and grandparents hailing from Washington, I was born with a sense of belonging to this place.

This region is greater than Seattle. Seattle is simply the nucleus we orbit.  

Currently, I'm a permit technician for Eagle Country construction. I've been in real estate for about 7 years, starting as a Office Manager with the C&K Real Estate up in Marysville. After working for Microsoft and Starbucks, being part of a smaller org is very nice. Plus, real estate is a very satisfying industry.  Getting people into homes really strikes something deep within me. 

I live in Lynnwood where I've spent most of my life, however I have lived throughout the Puget Sound region including Edmonds, Bothell, Seattle, and Silverdale. Additionally, I have lived in Virginia, Rhode Island, Florida, California, Idaho, the Philippines and Oregon. However, this region has always been the place I've called "home". This combination gives me a unique perspective on Northwest culture. Though I often focus on south Snohomish county, I also explore the greater Puget Sound region and Pacific Northwest. 

I fell in love with writing ages ago. Blogging became a solid outlet for that passion. Additionally, I had several roles where I crafted newsletters, used Quark for desktop publishing, Photoshopped all kinds of glorious things, and built many a website. I love the creative life. And, with that, I see the power of these tools to change the world, to make things better. 

Welcome to my internet abode and I hope you enjoy your stay.