The Pacific Northwest, and the Puget Sound region, are greater than Seattle. Seattle is simply the nucleus we orbit.  And I'm both from here, and not. Dichotomies....

Currently, I live about 20 miles north, in Lynnwood, a key economic center of Snohomish County. 

My family has lived in the area for generations (grandparents, parents, me, and now my son). And my family's connection to western Washington goes back even further. Grandparents were born in Seattle and Concrete, as well as Walla Walla. I start to get lost further back, but I know several great grandparents spent time in the Indian Boarding Schools

With my father in the Navy for my early childhood, I've traveled quite a bit. Outside of the Puget Sound region, growing up I lived in Rhode Island, Virginia, California, and the Philippines. As an adult, I lived in Astoria, Oregon, Orlando, Florida and Idaho Falls, Idaho. I view western Washington both as an insider with deep roots, and an outsider with connections to other places. I see this region with both lenses simultaneously. 

Not Just Seattle explores the whole region, but with a focus on Snohomish County, especially South Snohomish County. This is a vibrant community and an amazing place to call home.