Edmonds Area Podcast: AquaCast

I met the “Bald Fish Guy“, aka Ryan at the Visitor Station at Edmonds’ Olympic Beach during a recent visit. He’s a docent there, and knows his Puget Sound marine life. So I found it fantastic to talk with him.

He hosts a podcast, Aquacast, focusing on Puget Sound marine life, systems and the eco-system we live in. Sadly, he has only sporadically posted, and it’s been quite some time since his last update, but I find the casts interesting and well researched. And, even the ones a few years old, still relevant and, thus, worthwhile listening. I’m working my way through his library and will keep on digging through them.

Of particular note is his post about Sea Star Wasting Syndrome. Though most of my life has been spent along these shores, I’d not heard of this. His intro to this is a good start into understanding this disease impacting many different species of our region’s sea stars. {UC Santa Clara’s website on this is a great resource for learning more}.

I hope Ryan is able to get more podcasts up. In the meantime, I’ll make my way through what’s there. And, dear friends, I recommend you do the same.