A fine day on the shore 

Late morning my wife and I made our way down to our favorite beach in Edmonds. It was an exceptionally low tide, which is always a delight to explore. These tides expose much that’s hidden, leaving amazing creatures in the tide pools. Below are just a few examples of all that was there. 

The view of Edmonds’ Brackett’s Landing at low tide

Normally, where all the seaweed is on the sand is below water. Rather deep water. 

I’m pretty sure this is a sea spong

An ochre star amidst the rocks at the jetty

Gobs of sea cucumbers

Grays Moon Snail egg casing

The first time we saw these, I thought they were some kind of gasket. 

Loved this kelp crab. 

I’ve never seen a crab crawl into a piling. 

And the evening ends