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I’m Carl Setzer, a writer, poet and nearly life-long resident of greater Seattle. Born in Rhode Island of Seattleite parents (they met at the University of Washington), drifting in and out if the region until late elementary school. As a young adult, I re-commenced my drifting, returning to western Washington in my early twenties. I’m a Seattleite, and not one. Complexities…

Socially, I’m a geek who loves things Star Trek and Star Wars, Dune, Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. I’m a technophile who’s studied many different computing systems and ideologies. I’m a black-belt in taekwondo. I love poetry. I adore the web and social media, and all the potential that comes with it.

Career-wise, I’m currently manage feasibility and permitting for a construction company out of Marysville. I’m also a licensed real estate agent. My journey to this point took many turns including Realtor and office manager for the C&K Real Estate Team, Public Policy for AARP’s Seattle office, managing a church in Seattle’s University District, Corporate Social Responsibility, Communications and Public Affairs for Starbucks, and several projects at Microsoft. And as an alum of the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program,  I have a solid engineering skill-set and experience with complex project management process.

Most of my work has centered on projects and programs. Ultimately, I “get stuff done” utilizing communication skills, project management knowledge and technology prowess. My breadth of industries, roles and places I’ve lived enable me to have meaningful dialog with a wide-range of people, the full array of stakeholders. That’s been very helpful when navigating life’s inevitable conflicts.


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  1. Dear Carl,

    I hope this message finds you well. My name is Christine Lee and I came across your blog on poetry while researching. I work for an organisation in Prague, the European Leadership & Academic Institute, which develops innovative projects to support education, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic.

    I’m reaching out today to share news of our new endeavour, Poetizer – a free mobile app for writing and sharing poetry – and to invite you to be part of a select group of international poets to help influence and grow this social network for poetry.

    Launched successfully in the Czech Republic, it has witnessed an astonishing and most welcome outpouring of support and participation from over a thousand poets all over the country and even abroad, confirming for us that this inclusive platform has value for everyone. Poetry’s curative potentials transcend academic and literary boundaries and we are delighted to offer Poetizer as a living space to all who practice the art form to use and to share it.

    Beyond enabling poets to publish their works and establish their own readership, Poetizer has a unique function that gives people the option to support each other with concrete monetary contributions. The idea behind this is to establish the positive practice of giving, and particularly to the arts, where financial support is notoriously difficult to obtain, although of course, this option is only that, an option :)

    Our wish and goal now is spread the world about Poetizer and get it into the hands of those who could benefit most. To this end, we’ve carefully searched for and are selectively reaching out to poets such as yourself to join our efforts. We are particularly looking forward to the addition of english poems on the Poetizer network!

    We invite you to try out the application for yourself and share with us your thoughts and feedback. A multi-language platform, at the moment, it operates in english and czech with more languages to be added in the upcoming months as well as other features, including comments.

    For your reference and the link to the app:

    If you should have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Happy writing, happy sharing!

    With warm regards,

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