When Washington’s Small Town Of Concrete Intersected With Orson Welles

While running errands today, this came across my radio (thanks for great radio KNKX!):

How ‘War Of The Worlds’ Caused Double The Panic For One Small Washington Town

Here are the basics of the story: during the infamous ‘War Of The Worlds’ broadcast in 1938, a transformer blows and a town loses power. Panic and pandemonium set in.

The ‘small town’ in question is Concrete, just north and a smidge east of Mt. Vernon. A town I have connection with. My grandfather, and his sisters, were born there. By 1938, though, he was living in Seattle. Yet, it’s quite rare to hear Concrete mentioned in any kind of public forum. It’s a small, rural town rather far from everywhere. But a wonderful place, nonetheless.

Give the article a listen; it’s not too long (under 9 minutes). A fun tidbit of Washington history.