Through The Day Then Into The Night

A pretty standard day any more. Worked all day, mostly drafting a site plan, but some other work, too. The most amusing was driving to one of our new listings. The property has been framed, but is still under construction. As it’s listed, we wanted to hang a keybox on the property, so other agents can show. We’ll, got the keybox, inserted keys, drove it out to Snohomish from Marysville, and then noticed there are no doors on the property yet. Nothing to hang the keybox to. Sigh… Anyway, I also followed up with a few folks, sent a gob of emails. After dropping off some drawings, etc, at a client’s house, I zipped home.

Now, in a couple of minutes, I’m heading off to a board meeting for the Snohomish County Youth Chorus. As my son sings in it, and the director is a long-time friend of mine, I’m quite committed to the org. It’s a fun group, the parents enjoy each other’s company, and the kids have fun. Oh, they sing and stuff!

Anyway, off on to the next appointment!