Thinking about 2017 and moving forward 

It’s been a mixed year for me. I started a new job, one that pushed me far outside my comfort zone. As a rather cautious soul, that’s been quite challenging at times to deal with. The frustration of too much to do with constrained tome. 

Another frustrating element for me: learning new stuff. It’s one thing to expand my knowledge, quite another to learn a new role, where a company depends upon my effectiveness. It’s a rather terrifying sensation. 

More positively, I’ve grown as a martial artist, and my family has done some great stuff. I’ve deepened friendships I valued, and grown to new ones. I’ve also spent the past few weeks studying myself, seeking to deepen my understanding of what brings me joy, what brings me success. 

There’s great emotional risk in doing such. What if those ideas I’ve invested so much energy in turn out to be bad fits? Of course, my internal counterpoint needs to be “why would I want  to invest time, emotion and energy into something that robs joy and beauty from my life?

So, exploring, growing, developing: that’s my theme right now. What about you?

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