The Lovely Town Of Sultan

Good ol’ Sultan, butted up against the edge of the Cascades. I spent many a summer’s day/night up by Spada Lake and making a general nuisance of myself in the Sultan Basin.  Fortunately, my friends and I were able to avoid annoying too many folks and that the selfie hadn’t been invented yet.

This little town off of Highway 2 came up in conversation yesterday. A friend was showing properties out there and was wondering “how the market was doing there?”. Well, I decided to take a dive.

Well, there are fewer properties on the market now than there were a year ago (40 in 2014 vs 34 in 2015).  But that’s only part of the story. Around this time in 2014, there was a little less than 4 months of inventory, now there about 2. Properties are selling faster, much faster. Perhaps the biggest piece, though, is the median sales price, which has risen from $172,500 last year to $229,950; a 33% increase. This for a small town of 4,750 about 40 miles north east of Seattle.

So, my friends, the market is good.

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