The Gym Right After New Year’s

I pulled into the parking lot of the Lynnwood Rec Center this evening. The was a dearth of parking. As I usually, deliberately, time my workouts to avoid the open swim times, I was quite surprised to see a full lot. Then it hit me: New Year’s resolutions. And it was tempting to add a sniff of arrogant disdain. “Well, I’ll still be coming here in the spring”. And then there’s the new “loud grunter dude”. It’s quite the spectacle. 

And I felt ashamed as soon as I recognized it. Sure, getting on the machines was challenging. Not too much so, though. Parking did annoy me. But, really, is that worth allowing even the most cursory glance of my mind’s eye? No. All these new people, well, I guess I allowed them to impact my sense of ownership. And there’s that pathetic notion of “I’ve been coming here a long time. Clearly I’m more committed than you”, or some other elitist nonsense.  

So, let me shift my attitude and welcome all you new fitness buffs. I hope you exceed your goals. 

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