Seattle: The Tech Hub

Home to Amazon and Microsoft, amongst many other tech companies, Seattle and the surrounding communities are a magnet for technology firms. Covering such things as software (ie: Microsoft), web-based tools (Amazon), and we have bio-tech, space (Boeing and SpaceX)…and so very much more. This region is one of the hearts of innovation transforming our world and society.

Personally, I have a natural interest and inclination with technology. I fell in love with the web well before the term “social media” was coined. Heck, before “blogging” was, too. I built my first blog in html, coding each update, building my own archives pages, etc. A labor of love, but labor nonetheless. I’ve crafted many a website, most of them built upon the delightful WordPress platform. Wordpress’ magic has made my life much more delightful, and I’m grateful.

Technology, smartphones and the web significantly shape my world-view. Within this, I see deep value in Open Standards. Hence why I’ve started this list of non-proprietary tools. I envision a world where we’re free to follow innovation and adapt with agility.