Still seeking focus and passion? Oh, man!

​Found this post while reviewing my blog: Overactive Mind.Written back in 2011, I still struggle with overflowing data streams, too much email, and finding focus. Well, better to call the last part “retaining focus”.  A challenge over my adult life: focus. So many cool things to learn, study, do.

I struck me seeing how little changed over 6 years. Ok, that’s frustrating, too. Really? The SAME issues? Sigh…..

Looking back over my adult life, well, still the same. Seeking focus, passion sums up my quest. Ultimately, I seek passion. For work that consumes me so deeply, filling me daily with delight, wonder and energy. 

Business, administration and all that received my attention. Mainly, my natural talent simply pulled me along. I never felt the passion which I sought. That nagged me. 

I see now my passion lies in place and family. My connection to community drives me. I love people: stories, struggles and the simple beauties which define our humanity. 

This region, this Puget Sound area, and western Washington, hold my heart, my history. Generations of my ancestors walked here, loved here, died here. THIS resonates with me. 

Writing also generates passion within me. I started journaling as a young man, with my writings going back to the 1980s (my mind fails to embrace how long ago the 80s were). Even though I devalued my work and ambitions (so much hubris: a writer?), still I wrote. Helping me find peace in terrible times of my life, see so many things clearly, and hold hope, writing kept my sanity and gave me meaning. 

Well, clearly I defined my life’s passion. Here in this blog lies the manifestation of the intersection of my passions. Now, though: focusing upon them. The terrifying risk of failure focusing on my loves. Facing down the negative self-talk surrounding all this. So much left to accomplish in this journey. What a feeling of excitement and terror. Fortunately, you are along, too. That gives me peace.