Some thoughts on 2018: Exploring Photography Deeper

I’ve been exploring what I want to focus on this year. I’m strongly drawn, to bettering my skills in photography.

Now, my father has always been an avid photographer, so it’s always been part of my awareness. Going further, I fell in love with photography back in elementary school. In Junior High, I started taking classes, and became one of the nerds walking the halls with a camera shooting candids for the yearbook.  And I carried on with that all the way through highschool. It was one of my career ambitions as I pondered post-highschool life.

As life progressed, though, I slipped away. I did take my camera with me on a few trips. Looking back, without any plans to publish my work, the effort seemed empty. I went from my binders of photos and the occasional album, to boxes of prints, then complete neglect: rarely shooting anything. I devalued my work. Slowly, through moves and such, my collection simply vanished. Fortunately, I still have all my old gear.

Looking back deeper: I hate that I ever entertained those thoughts, the hateful ramblings of self-doubt and internal cruelty . Now, I wish I had albums with the places I visited. Note to myself: I always regret when I give in to my self-destructive mindset. Don’t do it!

Over the past few years, my family encouraged me to re-engage. It’s been deeply enriching, though I see plenty of room for growth.

So, here I find myself: 2018 and wanting to reboot this part of my life. I’m not too sure of everything I want to try to do regarding photography yet. Clearly, though, the main thing is to take more photos. And I want to upgrade my digital gear. My main camera is an Olympus E-PL1. Non-DSLR, no viewfinder, shooting through an LCD. It’s a nice little camera, but I want to move more into a prosumer DSLR. Thinking Canon so that my son and I can share gear. I’m going to explore some classes, whether college ones or local workshops, well, I don’t know. I think the discipline of a recurring class would be good for keeping my momentum. Perhaps joining up, or starting, a photography group. Definitely will look into hitting up some local photography events.

If you have suggestions, please leave a comment. I really would value direction. 

It’s a world and community I miss. And it’s a great way to get out and explore the community.

Here’s a sampling of what I’ve created over the past year from my Flickr account.

January 2018 Highlights