So much trash, so much waste

Wow, I just tossed out a bunch of expired food. Boxes of stuff that’d migrated to the far reaches of my cabinets. I’m bothered by the waste. One thing in particular got me, though: packets.

Those little packets if sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce, all that. I put in the trash so many. I never use these, as I always have my own at home and my office.

They’re placed in the bag automatically. Along with forks and napkins, which I also have.

These items are pure waste, given for “convenience sake”. Good customer service, I guess, but not environmentally sustainable. Plus, I expect most folks are like me and have no need.

This is an area I need to give some kudos to McDonald’s. They ask if you want ketchup packets, etc, before dropping them into your bag. It saves the company money along with slowing the rate we fill those land-fills.

I’d like “asking before giving” to become the standard. Until then, I need to start telling the good folks who own my favorite take out shops that I don’t need sauce packets, chopsticks, or forks.

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