So, I’m Not A Fan Of The Bite Of Seattle, The Taste Of Edmonds, And Such

Ok, so I’m a killjoy: I’m not a fan of the Bite of Seattle nor the Taste Of Edmonds. So, I don’t truly hate them. They do create a nuisance to the neighbors, and add to the traffic misery that’s the Seattle region. But that’s really not the root of things.

I remember back in the stone age (so it seems) when the Bite was held at Greenlake. Much smaller, though traffic was still a pain. A key thing I remember (mis-remember?) was smaller portions. The purpose was to go and sample the wares from many different restaurants. Perhaps it was just the bottomless appetite of a teenaged cyclist (who would ride to the lake…a couple of times all the way from Lynnwood). But that’s my recollection. And, you know, if my memory is wrong, so be it. I still think that’s what the event should be about. Not a chance to drop $5 to then go and buy lunch from a vendor. I guess I’m greedy…I want to try everything Edmonds has to offer!

Now, let’s be clear, I’m sure I’ll be making my way down to the Taste of Edmonds this weekend. My friends with Steel Magic Northwest will be performing Saturday at 1:00 pm. Oh, and if you’re a fan of the Saturday Farmer’s Market, they’ll be on sabbatical this weekend.