Rain, Rain, Go Away? Yeah, Right

Weather 1-29-18

I was thinking it would be great to fit in a walk today, but I spent lunch with a good friend and now the weather has turned to murk. Fortunately, I was planning on spending the evening doing taekwondo, so I’ll get some exercise to burn off the Bob’s Chuckwagon burger dip.

As could hear the rain rattling our skylights, I opted to check the weather. The graphic above reminded me of my childhood, where I thought that a “50% chance of rain” meant it would going to rain 50% of the day. Ah, growing up in Seattle!

Fortunately, it hasn’t rained 100% of today. At moments it sure feels like it, though.

I guess it’s time to plan for a full week of rain, though. I’ll be spending time at the gym, I guess, besides in the dojang. Wet, wet, wet…


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