Opportunities and All That

I’ve had two conversations today that have me thinking about the area’s economic opportunities.

  1. Seeing the potential from storage rental facilities, with RV spaces in particular. I know a builder who had nearly 100% occupancy shortly after pre-sales started. Complete hearsay, but I still trust it. Well, enough to be willing to do further research.
  2. Storefronts in the City of Everett. Now, after some brief research, looks like commercial real estate vacancies are down. Yet, while walking along Colby a week or so ago, there’s quite a bit of storefront space vacant. I think Everett has a lot of potential, and that it will materialize at some point. I’d like to see a more vigorous effort to promote the downtown of the city. Especially as an alternative to Seattle. But, that’s just my notion.

Anyway, there are other potentials out there. What are you seeing?