October Fitness & Health Thoughts

Last night I spent about an hour in the gym, mostly focused on cardio. It’s been a bit since I focused like that. Miss it. Yet I was pleased at my performance. My intermittent workouts haven’t been too detrimental.

I noticed my weight creeping back up, though. Probably a function of a dreadful diet. So I restarted using my food tracker. That works nicely, nuisance that it is. 

This time of year challenges me, fitness-wise. Dark, wet and cold: getting outside becomes uncomfortable at best, painful at the worst. The darkness adds a bit of danger, since cars have a hard time seeing me. I manage that well, I think. But it’s still unpleasant. And fatty, yummy foods start manifesting more. Double negatives. 

My health concerns don’t wane, though. Things like diabetes lurk, and I want nothing to do with that disease. Must. Keep. Focused. The value of gym memberships, and bit being to off-put by them  

Another area of active balancing.