No Lions, No Tigers, But Bears, Oh My!

Lynnwood Bear

Lynnwood Bear


Well, we’ve had, yet again, some bears make their way through my fair suburban city. Two bears, a momma and cub were spotted over by Lowe’s off of 196th. I heard about it from a friend who got to see them, before they scurried off (the police are still trying to locate them).

So, you probably noticed the phrase “yet again”. This isn’t the first round with bears in my rather non-rural own. The next most recent episode was back in 2011, where we had a bear running through yards by our local elementary school. That one didn’t end so well for the bear, sadly.

I also remember a bear being captured down in Edmonds back in 2006.  Also, there’s this one from 2009 and in Shoreline.

Anyway, hope the bears can be captured and returned to a wilder place, safer for both us and them.