Lynnwood Albertsons, Safeway and Change 

Swung by the Lynnwood Albertsons this evening. Needed some staples. Well, the store renovation is solidly underway. Tiles are ripped up and shelves are getting shuffled around. The layout is different enough to make getting around the store challenging. No work yet on anything structural, so I expect more changes. I’m looking forward to the store being brought into more contemporary styling. 

Now, I’ve been told it will be rebranded as a Safeway. And I actually don’t care that much. Not sure the decision process on that, but I wasn’t part if it. There’ll be an updated store very close to home. That’s what matters to me, in the end. 

I must admit that there not being an Albertsons in this door does tickle something. There’s always been one here. ALWAYS! I have no memory of anything else. That will probably hit me at some point. 

But not now.