Lake Stevens and the Future of Snohomish County 

Spent the day running errands. One of them had me at the City of Lake Stevens’ planning offices as two manufactured “portables” were delivered. Quite the tight squeeze along the tree lined street. But the drivers were skilled and nothing was injured save a few stray leaves. 

This got us talking about change, growth and the area. Our region’s density has changed dramatically. I remember coming out to Lake​ Stevens, way out in the country. Waaayyy out there. It seemed quite the excursion to go up and enjoy pizza at Up The Creek (the business is gone, but the building remains). That was something I always looked forward to, and something I remember years later. 

As the region grew, as decent paying jobs were getting created by the dozen, people started flowing into the region. Housing prices climb through Seattle. And affordability pushed outwards. Add the addition of the Everett Navy HomePort, which brought additional bodies to Snohomish County. Lake Stevens amenities make it a charming and desirable place to live. All of that pushed people out there. Adding traffic, the need for stores and transit. 

I expect the demand for homes there to grow boldly over the next few years. Prices in Seattle and Bellevue are extreme, livability collapsing. Snohomish county offers great living with ease of access to Seattle, which will get better as light rail builds out. 

Of course, I’m biased: I’ve lived in the region most of my life. And I don’t intend to live anywhere else. 

This is an exciting time for the region. I’m pleased to be part of it all.