It’s Labor Day Weekend: Time For Bumbershoot And Prepping For Autumn 

For many folks Labor Day weekend with temps in the mid to upper 80s is glorious. Week, not for me. This Seattleite find such temperatures abhorrent. 

Now, I like the sun. Though the brown grass saddens me. Seattle is the Emerald City, not the Kinda Brown City. Our famous misty rains are what keep our fair city laden with green. 

So, it’ll be a great weekend to either be outdoors, or right next to an AC. A decent weekend for our great music festival: Bumbershoot. For the uninitiated, the Seattle Center is taken over by musicians, comedians, and other artistic types. Along with hordes of humanity, in all its array of states and conditions. It’s quite the spectacle. 

If you aren’t familiar with Bumbershoot, it’s not a weird fringe thing (Seatttle had those, too, much to my delight) . This one is well regarded and brings in top-billed talent. Check out this year’s line up. For me, more importantly, you’ll also find many up-and-coming acts, so you’ll have great opportunities to find your next favorite artist. 

A very different vibe than Folklife. Not bad, but Folklife is much mite “hippie” where Bumbershoot is a polished, commercial event.

With any major event at the Seattle Center, expect traffic to horrible. When I lived in the Downtown Core, I’d bike down there. I delighted in riding all around the city, and working my way through crowds and heavy traffic was even better. If you’re not interested in cycling, here’s a pro-tip: drive to an outlying park and ride, bus down to Westlake Center, then grab the Monorail to the Seattle Center. During major events like this, they’ll be running until 11:30. Do plan ahead and make sure your bus/park-and-ride convo soul work for the time you’ll want to leave. Getting stranded in the City sucks worse than traffic or inflated parking prices. 

Enjoy Bembershoot if you’re going. It’s ironic that the best use of the event’s namesake will be to keep the sun off. Me? I’m gong to try to do some biking (nowhere near downtown). Probably just up here in Lynnwood and Edmonds. And otherwise just relax. Write and read, and look forward to autumn finally arriving. I guess I could get my wearer’s out and give them a good washing. Their time is coming.