Hackers claiming to have info for millions, including *gasp* celebrities

Hackers claim to have personal info of millions of Instagram accounts, including celebs

When I first heard the story (not this specific article), I believed that the photos were pulled from her phone. Which is what caught my attention.

Now I’m a bit puzzled. Ok, they posted nude photos of Justin Beiber on Selena Gomez’s Instagram account. Now, was the exploit posting to her account? Were these photos randomly findable ones under a Google images search?

If the hack enabled them access to photos stored on theses celebs phones, this seriously powerful. If this is true, Instagram and its parent Facebook, have a deeper reach into our data than many realize.

Else = a data skimming tool was able to glean passwords. Which is clever and all, but not that remarkable. One that gives remote users full, or at least significant access to a phone’s data? Now that’s something. Otherwise, though this sucks for the victims, is a relatively standard hack. And the dramatic piece is that he victims are, <insert gasp here>, celebrities.