Driving Past Naked People – An Update On A Weekend

My weekend was quite calm for a change. Spent a fair amount of time cleaning up the house and watching movies. Finally got to see Age of Ultron (on the Apple TV).

Sunday was the most eventful. Went to pick up one of my son’s friends, with the plan to then head to the Edmonds Car Show.  As he wasn’t feeling up to going out, and then starting to rain, my son and I opted to just drive home and chillax (as the kids say).  On our way home, I chose to drive through Woodway and, right about here,  there was a middle-aged fellow jogging down the street dressed with only a few leaves held carefully over his nether regions.

Such causes me to wonder about stories. How does someone end up in a state of undress, in public, running down the street in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the region? One does wonder. And what might the exchange have been when he got to chat with Edmond’s finest (two cars passed me heading in his direction).

Otherwise, a quiet and calm weekend in Edmonds by the Bay. Bummed I missed the Car Show, and could’ve passed on the “other” show, but it’s a great little town.