Discussing Coffee

Coffee came up several times for me today. Ok, well that sounds like a case of indigestion. Coffee came up in discussion several times today. Which got me thinking…

Coffee holds a special place in my life, and my heart. First: well, coffee goes back to childhood. I adored smelling coffee brewing growing up. Loved the feel of the old Starbucks in Pike Place, back when there were spices and stuff. That very first espresso. The sophisticated feeling of sitting in cafes. Oh, so very much delight in the old, old feels.

Being a broke college student post-Navy, the cafes on Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and the U-District were important haunts. Places to study, to read, meet friends; so very critical at that point of my life. Low cost style and elegance.

For just over 5 years, I worked on the Corporate Social Responsibility team at Starbucks. For a year before that, I was part of the Public Affairs team, within the Global Communications group. I lived and breathed coffee during that time. That’s where I learned about roast curves, growing regions, different flavor profiles, the agricultural impacts upon the coffee, as well as the “processing method” and the instrumental way that impacts flavor.

I got to gently counter disparagement to my former employer. Even though I was laid off from there, nor is it my favorite coffee (that honor is tied between Ladro and Tony’s right now). (Fun fact: Tony’s was roasting Ladro’s beans until very recently). Yet I think highly of Starbucks, both in the coffee quality as well as the quality of the company. Several of my dearest friends came out of that experience.

Also, I went by Narrative Coffee’s space again, and saw Cafe Wylde. Both are places I want, well, need to try out. And I think I should write more about coffee here. Kinda fits a “Not Just Seattle” theme, don’t you think?

Care to recommend other coffee establishments for me to try? I’ll need to craft a list of my explorations to-date soon.

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