Compline at St. Marks Cathedral

Every Sunday night at 9:30, Seattle’s St. Marks Cathedral hosts compline. For those not versed in Anglican church history, compline is sung evening prayer, harkening back to monastic traditions. They’ve been performing this weekly for decades.

It was compline that attracted me to the Episcopal church. After attending the service for several months, a friend of mine and I tried regular worship. And I became a member there, staying for several years. Met several of my dearest friends there, and it’s s key piece of my faith journey.

Many years ago, KING FM started broadcasting the service live. At one point, they shifted to playing a recording of the week prior. I’m listening to that right now.

I’m flooded with memories. Of this massively diverse array of humanity and it’s conditions. There are millionaires sitting eith street people. All are welcome, and all hold the moment holy

Someday soon I hope to introduce my son. Such a deep, powerful and rich part of my life, and Seattle’s. I want it to be part of his experience, too.