Changes with the Muppets

The Washington Post is reporting that long-time voice of Kermit (and other Muppets), Steve Whitmire is stepping down and a new voice, that of Matt Vogel, moves to the fore. Well, nothing is more consistent than change. I expect Kermit will retain his cultural cornerstone place for years to come.

My beloved Muppets have been garnering my attention lately. Not the least of which is due to the exhibition at MoPoP. Which I still haven’t seen, but am going to rectify that shortly.

Though I’m hardly a true Muppet Master, I was surprised by couple of facts in the article I didn’t know.

  • The Muppets are now owned by Disney. Not too surprising, but I’d missed that Disney acquired them. Don’t know if this changes anything…
  • How’d I miss the “Muppet Thought Of The Week” on YouTube? That bugs me. Here’s the link. You’re welcome.

Related side note: Check out ToughPig, a Muppet fan site. Worth your time.

Lastly, here’s the most recent Muppet Thought Of The Week. Enjoy!