Celebrate the New Year, Edmonds Style

I was asked earlier today for a list of “what’s going on” New Year’s Eve in Edmonds. I hadn’t put much thought as I’m planning on spending the evening with friends (I’ll be in the Edmonds Bowl, just so you know), but thought I’d dig through my memories and the web and pull together a quick list.

First, I want to point out that Kathy Passage over at My Edmonds News has list of holiday events and such in her most recent article. She’s pretty cool: go check her out!

Anyway, I’ve pulled out a list of specifically New Year’s Eve stuff, focusing on the “ringing in 2018” (aka: out after midnight) stuff.

New Year’s Eve:
Looking for something outside of Edmonds? Well, here are a few other options for you.
Oh, and there’s New Year’s Day:
Polar Plunge! https://www.facebook.com/events/154410931849531/. This event is a long-standing tradition in our community. It took some work, but we managed to keep the event for disappearing. If you’re a fan of freezing your butt off, come join the party! I doubt that you’ll lose any butt-mass, so it’s not a recommended way to start your weight-loss resolution, but, whatever.
If you know of something I missed, please drop it in the comments and I’ll update the post. No offense shall be taken! Actually, there’ll be much rejoicing (yay.).
Wishing each of you a wondrous New Year’s Celebration and productively joyous 2018!