Back on My Bike

The past week I’ve finally had time to ride. It’s been a zany summer without much time for my favorite things. My, I feel the lack of miles! But I am feeling a recommitment to riding. Plus, my son has the riding bug and pushes me to be on my bike more. So much goodness.

One thing we did this weekend: rode to a local donut place. Lynnwood’s Donut Factory delights us so very much. Since they don’t have a bike rack, I showed my son some bicyclist hacks (like locking the bikes together, in opposite directions,).

That got me thinking about bike security. Besides simply enjoying riding, I spent a number of years with my bike as my sole, owned transportation (biking, my feet and the bus were the main modes of transportation). It’s rather important, as an avid and not wealthy cyclist, to maintain possession of my wheels. With that in mind, check out How to prevent your bike from being stolen“. Good advice about both preventing the theft, but also what to do if it’s stolen and ways to ensure it’ll get back to you if it is.

I hope you have great two-wheeled fun and also remain safe and secure.

Happy riding!