Additional Thoughts On The KPLU Sale

Heard this morning about KPLU having an FAQ about the sale on their site. I’ve already written on this, but I felt that a desire to comment after reviewing this newest bit of info.

I give them credit for including links to ways to challenge with the FCC the sale, how to cancel your support (if you’re sufficiently outraged), and where you can provide feedback to KUOW directly.

However, I’m still bothered by the lack of discussion about local news coverage. They hinted at it when they noted “KPLU already collaborates with KUOW on regional news coverage through the Northwest News Network…” and noting there’s a finite audience. However, KUOW’s regional coverage eroded to near nothing, hence why I shifted all my listening over to KPLU.

Perhaps this really speaks to a larger issue: how do we maintain high levels of regional coverage? Is the audience really limited? Or is the vision of KUOW limited? Perhaps this is a reflection of radical shifts in media landscape, where securing adequate funding is tough. But the loss of a newsroom deeply concerns me, regardless of the rationale or causality. I expect, though, the solution shall be unclear.